Superactive Sensory Room Bundle

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Due to the Coronavirus this product will have a delayed ship date of at least three weeks.

The Superactive Sensory Room bundle makes it easy for you to provide your students with just the right amount of sensory stimulation! Designed by experienced therapists, it's filled with items designed to help your students self regulate, calm down, and relax so that they can focus in your classroom.

Interactive sensory components also encourage exploration, engagement, and interaction. Each feature has been carefully chosen to compliment each other to create a dynamic multi-sensory experience. Wireless controllers allow you to adjust different items in the room to provide just the right amount of sensory stimulation.

This set is perfect for therapy centers or special needs classrooms, and will help you to create a highly effective sensory room easily. Students will enjoy viewing color changing bubbles, exploring a tunnel to outer space, watching dynamic projected images, playing with glowing fiber optics, and more!

The Superactive Sensory Room bundle includes:

1 LED Bubble Tube (60”)

1 9 Way Bubble Tube Controller

1 Interactive LED Fanlight

1 Curved Bubble Tube Platform (36” w x 36” l x 16” h)

2 Acrylic Bubble Tube Mirrors (36” x 48”)

1 LED Infinity Tunnel

1 8 Way Infinity Tunnel Controller

1 Aurora Projector

1 Projector Wheel Rotator

3 Projector Effect Wheels

1 Superactive LED Fiber Optic Bundle

1 LED Fiber Optic Cascade

1 LED Light Spreader

1 8 Way Light Spreader Controller

1 Bean Bag

1 Bubble Tube Bracket

1 BCB Bubble Tube Additive Fluid

1 Bubble Tube Pump and Hose Set