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Thingamajig Sensory Pillow

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Build fine-motor skills and coordination with the Sensory Buckle Pillow! This sturdy pillow features zippers, lacing loops, and six different real-life clasps to practice. It's great for building fine motor and dressing skills. Your students will be instantly attracted to the colorful presentation.

The sturdy stitching makes this pillow a great fit for the home, classroom, or clinic. This item is also highly portable and a great sensory toy for car rides and road trips!

There are so many pieces to explore on the Sensory Buckle Pillow! One side features colorful zippers, while the other features a shoelace and numbered lacing loops over soft fleece. Add even more educational fun by asking kids to lace the shoelace through the loops by number or by color. The edges of the pillow are lined with clasps and straps-- kids will love practicing buttoning, using velcro, attaching a carabiner, and buckling plastic clasps. With the Sensory Buckle Pillow, working on fine motor skills is so much fun.

Size: 7x5.5x2.5”

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