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Sensory Pillow

Item # 310042
Price: $41.99

This pillow fits perfectly on the lap to provide four different tactile experiences. It's great for calming students, reducing anxiety and helping with boredom.

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Provide gentle sensory stimulation with the soothing textures of our Sensory Pillow. It features soft, pastel colors and four fabric swatches with unique textures. Use it in your home, classroom, or clinic to provide a gentle sensory experience that can be a calming tool for overstimulated students.

Use it as a pillow, or place it on a student's lap for a quiet activity that keeps hands occupied. Encourage students to run their fingers over it, squeeze it, or simply hold it to give them a relaxing tactile experience. As they feel the pillow, the soft tactile stimulation will help to calm and soothe.

This is a nice, relaxing activity that can also encourage finger movement and dexterity. Teachers and therapists will appreciate the double stitching and industrial design of this item. It features a removable cover that is machine washable. Made in the USA.

Size: 14" x 14" x 5"