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Sensory Bucket

Item # 400278
Price: $29.99

This fun bug themed bucket is full of sensory activities your kids will enjoy.

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It's surprising how much sensory and fine motor fun you can have with our bug themed sensory bucket. This fun kit includes:

  • A package of Drizzle an interesting putty that stretches like bubble gum but it's not sticky. You can squish it, mold it, stretch it and it never dries out. It's so stretchy that it's hard to pull apart. This is a great tactile and fine motor development activity.
  • Two bug molds and 14 plastic bug pieces so that you can make bugs with your Drizzle.
  • A Wiggle Caterpillar features interlocking plastic pieces that glide and click in a perfectly satisfying way.
  • Butterfly Color Clank - move it to create a cascade of satisfying, melodic clicks.
  • Colorful Crawler - a quiet squishy fidget that fits perfectly in your hand or pocket
  • 3 Stretchy Frogs
  • Storage bucket

Recommended for ages 3 and up.