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The Feelings Detective Game

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The Feelings Detective Game helps students link feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and situations to help understand the positive and negative consequences of emotion based actions. With four levels of game play and cards designed for older players you can tailor each game to meet the social emotional needs of each student.

Through play your students will

  • learn to recognize their feelings and their peer's feelings
  • recognize triggers for specific feelings
  • understand the relationship between feelings and actions
  • recognize appropriate and inappropriate behavior responses to feelings
  • regulate their feelings in order to reach personal and social goals
  • build social skills

In this memory style matching game players turn over one Feeling Card and then turn over a Feeling Talk Card. They get to keep the match if the Feeling Talk Card reflects the Feeling Card. As players advance in skill you can add bonus cards which asks a question about the Feeling Talk Card that students must answer to keep the match.

This set was developed by Andrea Chorney, MS and Franklin Rubenstein, PhD based on the principals of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Play time: 20-40 minutes
Players: 2-4

Grades: 1-6

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