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Coping Skills Game

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Through game play students will learn how to build their frustration tolerance when facing academic and social challenges. Teaches essential skills for emotional self-care including how to identify and accept feelings, verbalize needs, and use tools that help curb disruptive behavior. This is a very helpful resource for students with anxiety, anger, and self regulation challenges.

The nine coping skills practiced in this game are: feelings are acceptable and important, adjust your attitude, discover your choices, accept imperfection, give yourself a break, take things one step at a time, treat yourself kindly, plan ahead, and ask for help.

To play, players roll the dice and move forward on the board picking a coping skills card, situation card, moving forward, or backward depending on the space they land on. As players draw cards they must identify feelings or decide which coping skill will help the situation on the card. Scenarios are up to date and are based on common challenges students face. With each correct answer players earn a chip. The player with the most chips at the end of the game wins.

Ages 7-12
For 2-4 players

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