The Aspie Teen's Survival Guide

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Junior High and High School bring complex social demands that can be a challenge for teens with Asperger's syndrome. Let J. D. Kraus, a young man with Asperger's, help your teen with practical advice on the academic and social challenges they have to face. Teens will learn strategies for handling sensory issues, clumsiness, driving, and more! This easy to understand resource will become a go to guide for your teen to refer back to again and again.

Teens, parents, and educators can benefit from this resource. Throughout the book "Notes to Parents" sections provide extra insights for both parents and educators to help teens through this often difficult time. Through real life examples you will learn about practical supports you can provide to help teens on the spectrum. Best of all it's written with compassion and understanding by someone who has experienced the challenges he writes about.

Chapters include: Dating and Relationships, Creativity, Bullying, Motor Skills and Awkwardness, Organization and School, Socializing and Friendships, Transitioning, Motor Skills and Awkwardness, Obsessions, and more!