The Aspie College, Work & Travel Survival Guide

The Aspie College, Work & Travel Survival Guide

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The transition out of high school can be difficult for many young adults, and The Aspie College, Work & Travel Survival Guide is here to help! This book is designed to help young autistic adults navigate the new situations of adulthood, from job interviews and résumé building to household budgeting and maintaining adult friendships.

The first section of the book focuses on college & upper education, and is written to help readers decide whether college is right for them and, if it is, how to navigate the journey of choosing schools, applying, and preparing for school to begin. It also includes study tips and advice on using a college’s disability services.

The second section focuses on the work force and is designed to help readers manage job expectations and learn how to present oneself for an interview. It also touches on commuting, managing money, socializing in the workplace, and more.

The third section of the book focuses on traveling, and covers topics like basic tips for traveling abroad, how to pack a suitcase, choosing an airline, and behaving appropriately in other cultures. 

Stepping into adult life outside of the structure of schooling can be overwhelming and scary– this book breaks down each big topic into manageable, accessible parts to facilitate understanding and empower readers to think about their own goals and life aspirations for adulthood. This book does not aim to prescribe or tell the reader what their life’s path should be, but rather to help them anticipate the big transition, prepare in the ways that help them best, and begin building the skills to succeed at their chosen goals.

236 pages.


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