The 5 Ws Workbook Set

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Do you have a student who has troubles with reading, vocabulary, and critical thinking? Help struggling readers develop essential reading comprehension skills by practicing the 5 W's - Who, What, When, Where and Why - with this extensive workbook set!

This set features five reading workbooks that progressively move from reading levels one to five as they cover this vital concept in depth. Each workbook features high-interest, factual newspaper articles that include a dateline and picture. Students are sure to be engaged as they read each interesting new headline!

Engage your students easily with interesting follow-up questions that will help your students master the "Five W's". By explaining what they have read to another person, kids will develop vital communication skills and become motivated to better understand each excerpt. A great resource to help students increase their reading level by using controlled vocabulary, simple sentence structure, and appropriate illustrations.

Set of 5 workbooks