The Anger Solution Game

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Does one of your students have trouble managing their anger? Everyone has feelings of frustration sometimes, but for many kids it can be difficult to understand and handle appropriately. The Anger Solution game will help your students understand that they have control of how they respond to difficult situations.

As students play, they are given a series of scenarios that will help them explore anger and learn to make positive choices rather than falling into a victim cycle. As they progress through the game, players will sharpen their critical thinking, stress management, problem solving, and more. This game is designed to be played with adult guidance.

Included in the box is: game board, 100 tokens, 4 pawns, Solution Spinner, 1 die, and 3 decks of cards. The cards are divided into 3 categories of: empowerment (24 cards), questions (58 cards), and solutions (40 cards).

This game is designed for ages 7-12 with 2-4 players each game.