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Anger Solution Kit

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Build vital self regulation skills with the Anger Solution Kit! With 1 workbook, 1 script book, and 2 interactive games, this set includes everything you need to help an individual learn how to better process their anger. By practicing a variety of techniques, exercises, and activities, this kit reinforces new, positive behaviors to engage with during difficult moments. Through providing many types of reinforcement in a variety of situations, students learn to better generalize their skills and use them not just in the classroom, but daily life. Additionally, by using multiple methods in tandem, educators can find the most effective tools for each unique student.

This kit includes:

The Anger Solution Workbook: This simple, accessible workbook by Lisa M. Schab, L.C.S.W. helps kids learn positive strategies for tough situations. It introduces concepts like cognitive restructuring, conflict management, and self soothing skills in a kid-friendly, understandable way. 73 pages, spiral-bound. 

The Anger Solution Script Book: Research in cognitive psychology shows that children have higher success processing emotions when allowed to rehearse possible difficult situations. Many children also lack the language skills and vocabulary to express their anger clearly without causing harm. This helpful script book helps kids see scenarios of anger management tools in practice, and learn how they can express their anger in healthy, nondestructive ways. Learn eight powerful anger control techniques as you read each scenario. Scripts can also be acted out as an additional educational activity. 100 pages, spiral-bound.

The Anger Solution Board Game: Travel across the board with 2-6 players to learn anger management solutions for everyday life. Through the game, players face a variety of questions, situations, and problems that prompt practice of anger management skills. The game includes 1 game board, 100 tokens, 1 solution spinner, 24 empowerment cards, 58 question cards, 40 solution cards, and 1 six-sided die.

The Anger Solution Card Game: This card game was designed to present players with many opportunities to learn what realistic behavioral change looks like. As players are presented with real-life anger-inducing scenarios, they are encouraged to think through their first reaction, and then see how alternative solutions can bring a more positive outcome. Whoever solves the most scenarios wins! Includes 20 people cards, 40 situation cards, and 40 solution cards. 2-4 players.

All items are recommended for kids ages 7-12

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