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Create a variety of fun gross motor activities with this set of super durable stepping stones! This set is great for working on motor planning, balance, core strengthening, and coordination skills. Each stone has a different height, which creates added challenge and encourages kids to think about their steps, engaging both the mind and body. 

Place the stones all in a row, or incorporate them into an obstacle course! Ask students to step on the stones by color and height, or just line them up for a fun, easy to set up, and engaging balance activity.

This activity helps students improve their balance, gross motor skills, coordination, and overall muscle tone. Difficulty can be modulated using the varying heights, as well as by rearranging the stones-- students with motor trouble can start out with the shorter stones with small steps, while more advanced students can test their skills by stepping over larger gaps on the taller stones. This flexibility makes the Stepping Stones a great choice for accommodating a wide variety of students!

Therapists will appreciate the sturdy construction of this set. Designed to stand up to heavy use in schools or clinics. Each "stone" is approximately ten inches in diameter and measures, two, four, six, eight, ten, and twelve inches high. Covers are removable and washable.

Set includes six stones: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

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