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Rainbow Stepping Stones

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OT's love the Rainbow Stepping Stones. Great for gross motor balance, motor planning, spatial awareness, and more.

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This Rainbow Stepping Stone Set is a great tool for helping kids improve their gross motor skills! Your students will love stepping across the colorful stones as they practice their balance and coordination skills. 

Each stone features a dome shape and a highly tactile, bumpy surface. This therapeutic design encourages students to engage their core muscles, provides valuable tactile feedback, and helps prevent feet from slipping off. Have your students slip off their socks and walk on the pods for a tactile sensory experience. These stones are a fantastic activity for homes, classrooms, and clinics. Kids will have so much fun with the colorful, textured stones while also improving vital developmental skills!

Use these stepping stones in your gym or outside to work on balance, motor planning, spatial awareness, and coordination. They are also great for building up feet and ankle strength! A textured bottom keeps them from skidding on the floor.

This set includes six 6" wide by 4" high stepping stones in blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, and red.

Max weight limit: 200 pounds