Rainbow River Stones

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This fun gross motor set includes six Rainbow River Stones that can be stacked inside each other for easy storage and transportation. Your students can step on individual stones or stack them up to three high for more gross motor challenges.

Each colored stone has a different height. By stacking the stones (up to 3 high – one red, one green, and one yellow) in different ways the top of the stone can be level or have more of a slant.
Each stone has an anti-slip surface on the top and bottom to make sure the stones are safe during play. Therapists appreciate the heavy duty construction of this item! The anti-slip material is molded through the product and will not come apart with use.

Dot, line, and concentric circle patterns on the stones surface provide a variety of tactile experiences for your students.

An anti-slip surface and bottom edge provide superior stability and safety while playing indoors or outside.

This set includes:
2 Red  Stones: 15.8" long x 15.3" wide, lowest point 4", highest point 6"
2 Green Stones: 14" long x 13.8" wide, lowest point 4.1", highest point 5.7"
2 Yellow Stones: 11" long x 10.75" wide, lowest point 2.6", highest point 3.4"
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