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Rainbow River Stones

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This set is an OT favorite! Use it to create a variety stepping paths and gross motor challenges for your students. Each colored stone has a different height. By stacking the stones on top of each other (up to 3 high – one red, one green, and one yellow) in different configurations the top of the stone can be level or have more of a slant.

Each stone has an anti-slip surface on the top and bottom to make sure they don't slip during play. Therapists appreciate the heavy duty construction of this item. The anti-slip material is molded through the product and will not come apart with use. Dot, line, and concentric circle patterns on the stones surface provide a variety of tactile experiences for your students. Each of the six Rainbow River Stones that can be stacked inside each other for easy storage and transportation.

This set includes:
2 Red  Stones: 15.8" long x 15.3" wide, lowest point 4", highest point 6"
2 Green Stones: 14" long x 13.8" wide, lowest point 4.1", highest point 5.7"
2 Yellow Stones: 11" long x 10.75" wide, lowest point 2.6", highest point 3.4"
1 - Carrying Bag

Max load: 176 pounds

Recommended for ages three and up.

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