Starter Set Picture Communication Cards 160+ Images

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Our Picture Communication Card Set includes over 170 of the most common pictures you will need to help your student or child communicate. Each picture measures 1.75" x 1.75" and is laminated. This set also includes duplicate pictures of the most commonly used cards. Some assembly required.

This set includes: Yes, No, All Done, First,  I have, I want, More, Please, Thank you, Then, Stop, I don't understand, as well as the following:

Happy, Sad, Angry, Bored, Surprised, Confused, Depressed, Embarrassed, Excited, Frustrated, Just Fine, Nervous, Proud, Scared, Sick and Tired

Write, Yell, Throw, Read, Swim, Sleep, Eat, Talk, Drink, Run, Climb, Walk, Play, Laugh, Jump, Clean, Talk, Whisper, Catch, Slide, Paint, Kick, Carry, Wave, and Swing

Boots,  Hat, Jacket, Jeans, Long sleeve shirt, bowl, cup, fork, knife, plate, spoon, napkin, Put on Pajamas, Put on Shoes, Shorts, Socks, T-shirt, Shoes, Balloons, Bubbles, Building Blocks, Computer, Coloring, Dinner, Headphones, Homework, iPad, Jump, Painting, Puzzle, Tissue, Toilet paper, Towel, Toys, 

Chores & Common Activities
Bath, Breakfast, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed, Homework, Sand play, Shower, Sleep, TV Time, Wake Up, Wash Hair, Clean Bedroom, Clean the Table, Clean Window, Do the Laundry, Dust, Fold Clean Clothes, Get the Mail, Go outside, Go to Bed,  Load the Dishwasher, Make Bed, Mop the Floor, Put Clothes Away, Set Table, Sweep, Take out Trash, Vacuum Floor, Wash the Dishes, Clean the Kitchen, Clean Kitchen Counter, Clean the Kitchen Sink, Clean the Living Room, Clean the Oven, Clean the Refrigerator, Get Ready for Bed

Foods & Eating
Hungry, mouth, thirsty, apple, avocado, banana, bread, broccoli, burger, carrots, cereal, cheese, chicken nuggets, chips, chocolate, cookies, crackers, fries, graham crackers, grapes, hot dog, iced tea, jelly, ketchup, macaroni and cheese, milk, mustard, orange, orange juice, pasta, peanut butter, pizza, popcorn, pretzels, rice, sandwich, soup, straw, strawberries, water, yogurt

School Activities
Art, Circle Time, Clean Up (school room), Field Trip, Go home, Library, Math, Music, Pack Backpack, PE, Reading, Recess, Science, Slide, Speech, OT, Swing, Take a Break, Test, Turn in Homework, Use the Toilet, Wash Hands

Hot, cold, diarrhea, dizzy, ear, eat, eye, head ache, hurts, I got hurt, I hear, I see, I smell, nose, sick, sore throat, stomach ache, take medicine, trouble pooping