Picture Communication Starter Kit

Picture Communication Starter Set

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Designed by an experienced speech therapist, this set features 400 of the most highly used communication cards specifically picked to address the most common communication topics.

Each card features fun and colorful illustrations! They are designed to cover a wide range of popular topics for communication. Topics include: foods, greetings, people, calendar words, transportation, action words, art and school supplies, furniture, toys, body parts, clothes, common wants & needs, and more.

Communication cards can also be used individually for other visual support strategies such as picture schedules and communication exchange.

This set will allow you to easily create and customize basic communication symbol display pages. Just slip the cards inside one of the included 20- pocket vinyl pages! This is handy for a person using a pointing symbol communication system.

This set includes:

  • Over 400 Different Laminated Picture Cards covering commonly used Communication Topics!
  • TWELVE heavy-duty vinyl 20-pocket protector sheets. Each can hold and display up to 40 symbol cards (20 on each side). Use the 12 pages together to display up to 480 symbols at one time! Extra pages are provided to give you room to space the symbols out for easier discrimination if needed!
  • 1 3-Ring Binder to hold the pocket sheets displaying the communication cards. An area is provided on the front cover to write in the owner's name for identification.
  • 2 Velcro latching vinyl storage 9 pocket sheets to conveniently store the remainder of unused symbols between usage.

This set is designed by a Speech and Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience in assessment and design of Augmentative Communication Systems for both adults and children.

Warning: Choking Hazard Small Parts Not For Children under 3. 

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