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Picture Communication Teaching Set: Intro to Requesting

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Teach your students to communicate with the Picture Communication Teaching Set: Intro to Requesting.

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This set is designed to help SLPs introduce students with autism and communication challenges to using pictures to communicate. Each activity gives your students a reason to communicate along with a way to communicate.

This set includes 12 activity pages with laminated activity pages and pieces that attach using hook and loop.

Start off with four activities that feature pictures of common vocabulary themes including: animals, foods, toys, and art supplies.  Each activity page includes lighter versions of each image that students must match to a full color image.

Use four requesting activities to help your students learn to request an action from someone.  Your students can request you to draw something, cut something out, make a dough shape, or make a shaving cream picture.

Next teach your students functional communication skill by working with four typical scenes from daily life including getting dressed, choosing a snack, daily hygiene, and outdoor wear.

Therapists love the sturdy design of this item. Each activity page is laminated and activity pieces are placed on the page using hook and loop.

3 sheets of teaching suggestions are also included in this set.

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