Stariflex UV Reactive Fiber Optic Kit Stariflex UV Reactive Fiber Optic Kit

Stariflex UV Reactive Fiber Optic Kit

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Are you looking for a vibrant visual and tactile experience for you sensory room? If so the Stariflex fiber optic kit is the choice for you. This set features jumbo sized fiber optic cables that light up in a variety of colors. It’s a visual treat for your senses.

Your students with fine motor challenges will find the larger sized fiber optics easier to hold and manipulate. These fibers light up as light passes through them, there is no electricity running through the strands making them safe for your students with autism and special needs.

 This super safe item is manufactured in the UK and features fibers that contain no glass, but instead use a Plastic Optical Fiber core that is phthalate free and CPSIA and EN71 compliant.

Your fiber optic cables are attached to a light projector that illuminates the strands with a variety of colors. This unit is UV reactive – use it with an ultraviolet black light and watch the tails glow dramatically!

This set comes with a choice of 100 or 200 fiber optic strands in a variety of lengths.

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