SilliShapes Sensory Circles SilliShapes Sensory Circles SiliShapes Sensory Circles SiliShapes Sensory Circles SiliShapes Sensory Circles

SilliShapes Sensory Circles

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SilliShapes Sensory Circles are so much fun to touch and feel! Each of these ultra-soft silicone discs features a distinct color and pattern to explore. With 5 large discs and 5 matching small discs, there are so many tactile activities to try. Use your fingers and toes to explore bumpy nubs, smooth waves, round circles, and more!

Pull a small disc out of a bag and ask kids to find its match, line up the large circles into a tactile trail to walk on, ask kids to identify the discs by color and pattern, and more! This activity is a great way to get kids exploring their tactile senses, build motor skills, language, and problem solving skills. Teachers and therapists will appreciate that they are sturdy and easily washable.

This set includes 5 large circles and 5 small circles. Large circles measure 13.7” in diameter. Small circles measure 3.1” in diameter. Ages 3 and up.

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