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Sensory Cocoon

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Price: $6,299.00 - $8,499.00

The Sensory Cocoon will help you create an amazing sensory experience in minutes.

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The Sensory Cocoon makes a great addition to any sensory room! By combining and synchronizing several popular items, you can easily create a versatile multi-sensory experience that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual inside.

The Sensory Cocoon includes:

  • 1 Bubble Tube Platform
  • 1 Sensory Corner Shower
  • 1 Bubble Tube
  • 1 Pair of Acrylic Sensory Mirrors
  • 1 Bubble Tube Bracket
  • 1 Unit of BCB Water Treatment Fluid for controlling algae and bacteria
  • 1 Bubble Tube Hose and Pump Kit

To use the Sensory Cocoon, your students simply climb onto the platform and enjoy! Watch the bubbles flow up the bubble tubes as the fiber optic strands provide a twinkly light. The addition of acrylic mirrors creates the illusion that these lines of light continue into the ceiling! The fiber optic strands do not conduct electricity, so they are completely safe to touch and explore.

Choose between various models to ensure the Sensory Cocoon caters to the needs of the user!

The Calming Sensory Cocoon provides users with a safe, relaxing environment that slowly changes colors automatically.

The Stimulating Sensory Cocoon allows users or supervisors to change the light colors manually with the use of a controller. This controller comes included with the model and has a range of 90 feet. To charge, simply place it on the wireless charging pad!

The IRiS Sensory Cocoon is fully compatible with other IRiS products. This model includes the IRiS iConverter, allowing the Sensory Cocoon’s Bubble Tube and Fiber Optics to be controlled using the free Experia app on your iphone or ipad!

Each light uses a cutting edge LED to ensure the colors will never fade. No bulb changes are needed, making the Sensory Cocoon extremely low maintenance. All safety and maintenance items needed to ensure your Sensory Cocoon stays clean and functional are included in the starting set.

All items in this unit plug into standard 110v outlets. A floor to ceiling height of 8ft or more is needed to use this product.