Bubble tube for sensory rooms. Bubble tube for sensory rooms.

Sensory Room Bubble Tube

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Create a calming visual focal point for your sensory room with a soothing bubble tube. We offer several sizes and options to fit your individual room needs. Each sturdy six inch bubble tube is made of shatter resistant acrylic and features a low maintenance LED light source. Air bubbles cause the lights to shimmer and flicker creating a soothing visual experience.

Choose from:
The Calming LED Bubble Tube: features hundreds of bubbles that float up the tube while it slowly changes colors.

The Superactive LED Bubble Tube: allows you to control the colors by using an interactive controller. The wireless controller has 9 buttons with 8 color choices. The 9th button switches the bubbles on and off.

IRiS LED Bubble Tube: designed to work with the Interactive Reward System (IRiS).

All bubble tube kits include everything you need for easy maintenance including:

  • Calming Bubble Tube
  • Pump and Hose Emptying Kit - to help you empty your bubble tube easily, keeping it algae and bacteria free.
  • BCB Water Treatment Formula - to help slow down the process of bacteria and algae production.
  • Bubble Tube Bracket - provides extra stability.

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