Ready, Set, Cook! Curriculum

Ready, Set, Cook! Curriculum

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The Ready, Set, Cook! Curriculum will help you teach students basic recipes using a microwave, basic nutrition, and cooking safety skills. This easy to use curriculum includes 40 step-by-step, picture based recipes.

This curriculum includes 5 Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Add to It! introduces basic recipes that can be transformed into something more. For example, an omelet can be eggs and cheese or you can add meat and fresh vegetables to it.
  • Chapter 2 Eat Fresh! encourages eating fresh food from the grocery store with recipes like steamed broccoli, fresh spinach, salmon, and fruit parfait.
  • Chapter 3 Make It a Meal! introduces recipes that include a variety of food groups that make a complete and well-balanced meal. Some of the dishes in this section include spaghetti with meat sauce, oatmeal, salad, and french toast.
  • Chapter 4 Share It! focuses on the social aspect of eating at get-togethers and makes many servings to share with a group. Some of the recipes from this section include cracker dip, buffalo chicken dip, and rice crispy treats.
  • Chapter 5 Use It and Reuse It! will teach students how to cook one food and incorporate it into several meals over a week (chicken breasts, chicken fajitas, and chicken salad).

Some of the recipes include Speed It Up! ideas with some of the steps cut out or combined to make the recipe more concise.

The instructor guide includes learning objectives, ingredient lists, discussion points, links for additional information and helpful YouTube cooking videos for the recipes. Assessment Forms, Student Checklist, Shopping List Example and more are also included.

This set includes a Lesson Plan book with a flash drive, Cookbook, consumable Student Cookbook, and a laminated Recipe Reader and Measurement Guide.

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