Shopping Smart Curriculum

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Teach your students how to shop smart at the grocery store or department store with this easy to follow curriculum. Students will learn essential shopping skills such as finding store location cues, properly storing your purchases at home, and more!
Your students will learn how to plan for their shopping trip, dress for the occasion and properly put away their new goods. The easy to follow lesson plans include lesson objectives, data sheets to help you track progress, teaching activities that include step by step picture sequences for each activity, and reproducible images of the shopping cards.
This set includes 288 full color, laminated shopping cards. Each card features a common product with it's name and picture. They fit perfectly into a 4¼ x 5 inch mini binder with clear pockets (included) - helping you to easily create a visual shopping list. Since they are laminated you can write on the back of each card to sizes, preferred brand and sale price information.
This set includes a 222 page instructor's guide, 288 laminated shopping cards, and mini binder with clear pockets that can hold up to 32 pictures.

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