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The Look 'n Cook Curriculum is perfect for your non-reading students! This easy to use curriculum teaches: food preparation, meal planning, and shopping. Your students will build their independence as they follow the the step-by-step picture based cooking instructions. A simple color-coded system helps your students to master cooking measurements and temperatures.

Curriculum Table of Contents:

Unit I Program Preliminaries
Unit II Dairy Foods/Grocery Store Dairy Section
Unit III The Protein Foods/Fresh & Frozen Meat Sections of the Grocery Store
Unit IV Fruit and Vegetables/Corresponding Sections in the Grocery Store
Unit V Grains/The Bakery & Cereal Sections of the Grocery Store
Unit VI Breakfast Menus Using a Variety of Foods
Unit VII Lunch Menus Using a Variety of Foods
Unit VIII Dinner Menus Using a Variety of Foods

The introductory kit includes:

  • 1 Look 'n Cook Cookbook with 62 illustrated recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegetables, desserts, and beverages. Each page is laminated in case of spills!
  • 1 Look 'n Cook Lesson Plan Book with 40 lessons on kitchen safety, cooking techniques and nutrition using the recipes in Look 'n Cook Cookbook. The curriculum also includes an easy to use data collection system and download code for printing out recipe pages.
  • 2 Look 'n Cook DVDs one that features a 2-3 minute video of every recipe videoed from the point of view of the chef. The second video covers cooking safety food vocabulary, common kitchen tools and hygiene.

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