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Puppy Wrap

Item # 410005
Price: $59.99

Young children will love the soothing weight of our fuzzy, adorable puppy wrap. Perfect for helping kids calm down and focus at home or in class.

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The young children you work with will love this adorable puppy wrap! A gentle 2.5 pounds of weight provides just enough deep pressure for preschool and early elementary age children. This cute item allows you to quickly and easily provide calming weight across the shoulders of your clients.

To use, drape the puppy around the shoulders, then pull the tail through the mouth.

The red tail turns into the puppy's tongue!

Sensory sensitive kids will love the velvety soft corduroy against their neck. The puppy theme of this item is an attractive alternative to a weighted vest and can double as a lap pad. Because this item is so easy to take on and off, you can use it easily in crisis situations.

Use it to help kids pay attention to the instruction in your classroom. Or, use it at home to help your child focus on their homework. Therapists will appreciate the sturdy construction of this item and that it is machine washable.