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Plan Your Step

Item # 950032
Price: $319.99

This nature themed gross motor set is perfect for toe walkers. They will stretch their calves without even noticing it.

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The Plan Your Step set is perfect for toe walkers! This set allows you to create a variety of gross motor challenges that will build coordination, balance, and build center of gravity, all while stretching calf muscles.

Each concave surface has both narrow and wide sides, creating an irregular surface that challenges coordination and balance. The circular arc-shaped stones can seamlessly fit together or you can space them apart to create gaps. Children can use their imagination to explore various configurations, from simulating a rocky shore to conquering mountainous terrain, encouraging imaginative play.

Each Sloped Stone is equipped with anti-slip grips, ensuring safety while providing hours of balance-building fun. The slip resistant material is molded into the plastic so it will not peel off or come apart over time. Plan Your Step is stackable, allowing for convenient and space-saving storage when playtime is over.

This set includes: 6 Sloped Stones (2 green, 2 light green, and 2 yellow)
Size: 20” x 15.5” x 6.7”
Maximum load: 132 lbs.

Recommended for Ages 2 and up