Picture Directions

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It can be difficult for people with cognitive difficulties to become independent and perform certain tasks. Many students are able to perform activities on an their own by following pictorial instructions/directions. Now it's easy to teach cooking, art, crafts, life skills, and play with these ready made picture directions! Simple, full color illustrations will guide your students each step of the way as they work to complete each activity.

This book includes 50 different reproducible lessons that are broken into five categories: cooking, crafts, life skills, play, and discovery. Wire binding allows you to easily set the book up for your students to follow directions.

Or, use the enclosed classroom license CD to print off copies of directions for reference in the classroom, or as a homework assignment.

Use this book to teach students to follow directions, sequence activities, promote independence, and recognize sight words when paired with the illustrations.

A perfect resource for moderate/severe students in K-5 settings.

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