Picture Schedule with Pockets

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A picture schedule can greatly help an individual with autism by visually representing a series of activities or sequence of steps for a specific activity. These lightweight and durable picture schedules are easy to use and affordable. Just attach your sequence of activities on the schedule. When an activity is completed, place activity cards (not included) in the bottom pocket. Your choice of vertical (item #290075) or horizontal (item #290076) orientation.

Picture schedules can help people understand what is expected of them and prepare them for the daily events in their lives. Another benefit of picture schedules is that they create structure which often leads to a decrease in frustration and negative behaviors. These schedules often also increase independence and lower anxiety. You can create a schedule using pictures or words and they work well in homes, schools, and work environments.

20" high X 4" wide, pocket on the bottom. 

4" wide X 20" high

Note: Pictures not included.