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Noodle Knockout Fine Motor Game

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Race to make the ultimate bowl of ramen with the Noodle Knockout Fine Motor game. Your students will have so much fun that they won’t notice that they are building hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. This game also teaches basic concepts including counting and color recognition.   

To play, students take turns drawing ingredient cards and then use their chopsticks to add noodles and ingredients to their ramen bowl. The first person to complete their ramen recipe wins. There are so many educational opportunities with this game. Work on color recognition, and matching and sorting by sorting foods into matching color bowls. Work on language skills by asking follow-up questions during play including “How do you know this will work? What made you think of that? How did you figure it out?” This game can also work as a no pressure “food” exposure experience for picky eaters.

This game includes: 20 noodles in two lengths, 27 ramen toppings, 1 spinner, 1 large serving bowl, 10 double-sided order cards, 4 bowls, 4 chopsticks and instructions.

1-4 players

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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