Morning Circle Time!

Morning Circle Time!

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Whether you are a Preschool Teacher, a Special Education Teacher or a Speech Language Pathologist who collaborates during the circle routine, this is the Fun & Functional Interactive Morning Circle Binder you have been looking for! It can be used by an instructor to lead a small group in Circle-Time theme Daily Discussions or it could be used with guidance by the individual students if they are capable.

Interactive Morning-Circle discussions are a great way to involve the whole classroom in a collaborative and engaging learning experience. It can help establish a comfortable routine to the start each school day. Many of our students need and benefit from these types of established and known routines. The participation in Interactive Daily Discussions can strengthen the students skills both academically and socially. As the student begins to understand the facts and schedule of the day, it may lessen the student’s anxieties that can sometimes arise from all of the ‘unknowns’ of the day that they have to process. All students must learn to get-along with each other in the classroom. Taking turns and socializing with classmates using the materials in this binder can allow for opportunities in the daily routine which includes these types of experiences! 

The Morning Circle-Time Binder contains laminated pages of instructional materials covering many common themes of discussion used in morning routines in preschool and special education rooms at the start of each school day! Morning Circle Topics in this binder include: “weather”, “temperature”, “seasons”, “month”, “days of the week”, “who’s here today”, “the schedule of the school day”, and more! Some pages have cards velcroed to them for interactive fun, while other pages are specially designed to be used with a dry-erase marker (included)! Everything is heavy-duty laminated! All pages are three hole punched! 

How It Works: The educator leads the discussion of these common daily-discussion topics by presenting one theme page at a time to the student(s). The illustrated pages, attached cards, and dry-erase marker are designed to be used to help the student understand the concepts presented in an interactive manner. For example: there is an illustrated holding area for each of the "days-of-the week” cards so that they can show “Yesterday was...”, “Today is...”, and “Tomorrow will be...” with the matching velcroed cards all on one page! The outside daily temperature can be shown with a velcroed arrow pointing to it on an illustrated thermometer! etc. 

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