Time Tracker Mini Visual Timer

Item # 590002
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If you need a fun, visually interesting way to time out classroom activities, look no further than this classic resource! The Time Tracker(R) Mini is a small visual timer that will help the kids you work with manage time at home or school.

Set the time and the Time Tracker(R) Mini stays green, then turns yellow to warn time will soon be up, and finally red as it counts down the time. This progression allows highly visual students to understand how much time is remaining with just a glance.

The circular design makes this visual timer easy to watch from any angle. Use this timer on a student's desk, to help kids stay on task at a center, or place it in the class for the students who need some help with time management. Use it at home to help kids stay on task with homework, chores or to stay seated at the dinner table.

Size: 6.1 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches