Living Scenery Projector Bundle

Living Scenery Projector Bundle

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Create a super visual, calming atmosphere with the beautiful Living Scenery Projector Bundle! This vibrant projector combines soothing, moving scenery with relaxing nature sounds to immerse you in a sensory experience that is perfect for helping individuals calm down and relax.

This bundle includes everything you need to fill your space with beautiful visuals and sound. A high-lumen video projector, DVD player, 50’ HDMI cable, universal projector mount, and six DVDs to choose from. Immerse yourself with soothing images of the ocean, a field of peaceful tulips, spring and summer nature scenes, magnificent flying birds, adorable butterflies and flowers, or bubbling water melodies. This item is great for theming your sensory space or adding an additional calming element that is so soothing to watch and listen to. The projector includes built-in speakers, making this an all-in-one unit.

We highly recommend hiring a professional to mount and install this projector to ensure safety and stability. For ceiling mounting, please ensure you know whether your space has a dropped or drywall ceiling to ensure you select the correct bundle option. The short-throw option is not ceiling mounted and is the quickest and simplest to install.

Note: This ceiling-mount projector lamp is rated at 5000 hours, and has a 90-day warranty. The rest of the system is covered by our one-year warranty.

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