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Aurora Projector Bundle (Includes wheel rotator)

Item # 987007
Price: $1,399.99

The Aurora Projector Bundle is a key component to any sensory room.

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This wonderful projector is a staple of any sensory room! The Aurora Projector casts soft, rotating imagery onto any wall, providing interesting visual stimulation to users. Choose between a variety of scenes to create a calming or stimulating atmosphere. Each projector disk is slowly rotated to create dynamically changing imagery that anyone can enjoy.

There are so many benefits and uses for the Aurora Projector. Use the projector to help users calm down, and relax or to recover from sensory overload. Or, help students with ADHD focus with the slowly shifting scenes. Teach cause and effect, motion tracking, concentration, and more or simply use it to create a calming atmosphere.

With a range of 16 feet, this projector is perfect for small to medium sized rooms. This item can easily be used mounted on a wall or placed on a table. The cutting edge LED design requires less electricity and creates less noise, while making the images brighter and more vibrant than ever!

This bundle includes 1 Aurora Projector, 1 Wheel Rotator, and 5 Effect Wheels. Choose between a calming balloon filled sky, a tropical reef, sunrise and sunset, outer space, or a fireworks show!

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