IRiS Recordable Speaker

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Please note: due to manufacturing difficulties we are unable to ship this item until late September.

Give your IRiS Talkers a voice with the IRiS Recordable Speaker! This helpful device can be synchronized to any IRiS device to add helpful, recordable auditory feedback. Speakers can be set to reinforce color choices, give instructions for activities, play calming sounds, and much more-- there are so many ways to use this versatile device!

Completely wireless, the IRiS Recordable Speaker can connect to any IRiS Talker quickly and easily. We highly recommend using it with the IRiS Qube, the IRiS Color Selector, the IRiS Switchbox, or the IRiS Single Switch. However, this versatile device can be used with any IRiS Talker to provide added reinforcement and fun. Use it for theming, storytelling, skill-building activities, and more!

The IRiS Recordable Speaker has multiple - pre-recorded sounds, including:

  • Domestic animals
  • Sounds around the house
  • Numbers 1-8
  • Colors ("_____" is my favorite color")
  • Colors (Same as above, in Spanish)
  • Transportation sounds
  • Circus sounds
  • Nursery sounds

You can also personalize your experience by recording your own voice or sound clips onto two user-recordable tracks.

Fully portable, plugs into a standard 110V outlet. Please ensure you have at least one IRiS Talker to control this item.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

8" H x 13" W x 20" D