IRiS Master Pairer 6-way 10-way

IRiS Master Pairer

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Please note: due to manufacturing difficulties we are unable to ship this item until late September.

Need a simple, easy solution to pairing your IRiS Talkers and Listeners? The IRiS Master Pairer is here to help! This helpful device allows you to synchronize your IRiS equipment from a single, easy to use hub. Available in 6-way and 10-way options, the IRiS Master Pairer makes running your sensory room so simple!

Operating the IRiS Master Pairer is simple and straightforward. Simply pair each IRiS Talker and Listener you would like to use to the pairer. Then, when you would like to connect an IRiS Talker with an IRiS Listener, simply press the corresponding buttons. You can even pair one Talker to multiple Listeners for even more control options-- with the IRiS Master Pairer, using IRiS equipment has never been easier!

Powered via lithium polymer battery, recharges via wireless charging pad. (included)

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