IRiS Color Selector

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Please note: due to manufacturing difficulties we are unable to ship this item until late September.

Control the colors of all your IRiS sensory equipment with the helpful IRiS Color Selector and Color Selector Deluxe! This handy remote allows you to synchronize your IRiS-compatible equipment with one simple, easy to use hub. Not just for lights, the Color Selector and Color Selector Deluxe can be used to control projectors, wind, aroma, and any IRiS-compatible Listener.

Sturdy construction ensures that this unit can stand up to everyday wear and tear as well as unexpected knocks and drops. 8.25” jacks on the top of the unit allow you to connect your own external switches for greater customization. Using the Color Selector is so simple and easy-- just press a button and watch the equipment change!

The IRiS Color Selector Deluxe is designed to provide even more interactivity with your IRiS equipment. A variety of additional switch modes are designed to provide additional therapeutic options perfect for groups or individuals. Build cause and effect, motor skills, exploration, and more!

IRiS Color Selector Deluxe switch modes include:

Locked mode makes it so once a color button is pressed, the light is “locked” in that color.

Toggle mode allows users to press the same button multiple times to turn the lights on and off.

Momentary mode makes it so lights are only illuminated when buttons are pressed down, making it a great reinforcement tool.

Racing mode is a fantastic mode for developing turn taking and cooperation-- the lights will cycle on and off through various colors, allowing kids to take turns corresponding to an assigned color.

Passive mode sets lights to gradually change color in a calming cycle. Timed mode makes it so lights will come on and then turn off after a short user-determined period of time.

Scroll Stop mode allows users to watch the equipment scroll through each option and press a button to stop it when it is on the color they would like.

Scroll Next mode simply allows button inputs to scroll through each color option.

Both controller options have a range of up to 90 feet and are charged wirelessly with an included charging pad.

Use with adult supervision. Ages 3+