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Interactive Social & Emotional Binder

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The Interactive Social & Emotional Binder is perfect for building social skills with students use to PECS.

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Do you work with students who have difficulty with responding appropriately in social situations? Or do you have students who may have difficulty identifying feelings and emotions? The Social & Emotional Interactive Binder has a total of 116 interactive hook and loop cards designed to help teach proper responses related to daily-life social language situations, as well as encourage a better understanding of emotions and feelings! Everything is heavy-duty laminated with hook and loop attachments. All pages are three hole punched for easy storage in the 3-ring binder!

Social Language:
Problems with social language communication are common issues for many individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Social Language pages in this binder contain 48 different hook and loop cards with a fun “Lift and Reveal” style of interaction. Easy to use! Just discuss the illustrated situations on the top cards with your student, then pull off the card to discover the suggested illustrated answer beneath! Further discussion can take place regarding the answers. Two types of social language themes are shown focusing on what the proper social language response might be for a wide variety of real-life scenarios!

Examples of Social Language Card: "What should you say...” “...if you want someone to pass the milk?”, “ someone who's pet died?” etc. As well as: "What should you say instead of...” “Get out of my way!” and “Give me your pencil!” etc.

Emotions and Feelings:
Sorting out and identifying emotions and feelings are an important part of Social Language and life that many students with ASD are trying to better understand.The Emotion pages contain 68 interactive cards designed to allow the student an opportunity to try to identify and choose the emotions/feelings that the illustrated scenarios may represent.

Two types of interactive activities are included:

  • Sorting Emotions: Discuss the different illustrated emotion situation cards with the student (EX: "You dropped your ice cream cone on the grass." or "You found money in your pocket that you forgot about." etc.) Allow the student to sort the cards onto the feeling-choices pages (EX: Happy or Sad, Angry or Calm etc.) Further discussion can take place regarding the answers.
  • Labeling Emotions and Feelings: Each Page contains 12 illustrations of emotion scenarios. There is also a holding/display page filled with a wide variety of Emotion choices cards. Discuss the illustrated situation one at a time. Allow the student an opportunity to try to identify the choice of emotion that scenario may represent, then choose from the display page and place it onto the illustrated scenario. Further discussion can take place regarding the answers.

Set includes:

  • 6 What Should You Say pages with 8 Lift and Reveal per card
  • 3 Sorting Feelings with 12 Lift and Reveal per card
  • 4 Labeling Feelings with 12 Scenarios per card
  • 1 Feeling Label sheet with 30 emotion labels (including duplicates to support working with more than one student or scenario at a time).

Note: Discussing and learning about social language situations and identifying emotions and feelings can be a complicated and delicate topic for some students. Teaching these topics should not focus on if answers are ‘Right or Wrong,” but rather on learning from the discussions of whatever answer is given. These materials are designed as a tool to assist in teaching topics regarding social language, emotions and feelings. These materials are not designed to be used as part of mental health therapy or treatment plan. Emotions are abstract concepts. Communicating and identifying emotions can be difficult for any individual, especial those with special education needs. The student’s abilities and goals should be considered before using these or any learning materials.