I Have Feelings, Too! Interactive Picture Book Set

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The I Have Feelings, Too! interactive reading book of emotions is designed to teach emotions to teens and adults.  This series has been developed to meet your IEP goals through extensive needs assessments by an autism specialist with years of experience.

In this workbook, concepts of feelings and emotions are taught with a variety of real life scenarios. Example: "I feel ________ when I have to wait for others."  The full color Velcro backed pictures can also be used for a variety of learning games and as well as better communicating the concepts covered to visual students.

The I Have Feelings, Too! book was designed for clinic or classroom use. Both the pictures and the book are laminated. This set includes 18 full color 2" x 2" Velcro backed pictures and 20 different feelings scenarios.

This book is a great way to work on learning basic emotions, teaching empathy and more! Emotions covered include: calm, bored, afraid, confused, curious, disappointed, happy, frustrated, guilty, excited, hurt, impatient, lonely, loved, worried, sad, proud and mad.