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How Do I Feel? Interactive Picture Book Set

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This fun, interactive reading book is designed to teach feelings and emotions with a variety of helpful scenarios. Engaging and effective- order today!

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For many kids, understanding and talking about emotions can be challenging. The How Do I Feel? interactive reading book of emotions was designed by an autism specialist to support your IEP goals. Each activity and exercise is designed to help the student develop the language skills and cognition to describe their moods.

Teach feelings and emotions with helpful scenarios, "I feel ________ when I do a good job." Develop emotional intelligence and facilitate communication with nonverbal children as they point to different emotions and place the faces on different pages. Use the removable pictures for learning games and as well as communication. This helpful book includes a wide variety of activities to give to students!

This sturdy laminated book features 18 full color 2" x 2" Velcro backed pictures and 20 different feelings scenarios.  Work on learning basic emotions, teaching empathy and more. 
Emotions covered include: proud, shy, bored, embarrassed, happy, pain, lonely, surprised, stressed, jealous, mad, frustrated, worried, sorry, guilty, scared, sad and excited. Designed for children ages three and up.