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Beginning Language Interactive Reading Books - Set 1 (8 Books)

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This communication book series was made by an autism specialist with years of classroom experience. Designed to teach students and meet IEP goals!

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These durable interactive communication books were designed by an autism specialist with years of classroom experience. Each book is designed to support IEP goals based on extensive needs assessments taken from Speech and Language Pathologists across the United States. It's fun to build literacy with these helpful books!

Now you can encourage beginning level communication, speech, reading, fine motor skills, and more with the Interactive Reading Books. Set one targets beginning language for learners ages three to eight.

The following 8 books are included in this set:

  • Show Me A Sign?   Teaches matching, identifying, labeling and understanding the meanings of common safety signs.
  • What Color is It? Teaches the concept of color, matching, sequencing, and simple sentences. "The apple is red."
  • I Go To School Continue to complete simple sentences based on everyday experiences. I color with crayons.
  • Things I Do At Home Continue to work on sentence building and completing sentences. I play with toys. I go to the bathroom.
  • Action Teach action verbs and pronouns as well as Who? What? and Where?
  • Sounds Good to Me! Introduction to phonics as well as expand vocabulary. The letter B sounds like balloon.
  • The Ups and Downs of Opposites Teach the concepts of opposites.
  • How Do I Feel? Introduce the concept of feelings and encourage emotional understanding.

These books are designed for children between the ages of 3-8 of varying ability levels. Each book is laminated for years of use in the classroom or clinic. Each book includes a set of Velcro-backed, full color 2" x 2" picture cards designed to support your language goals. Lots of helpful teaching suggestions and activities for SLPs, teachers or parents are included for each book.