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How Do I Teach This Kid To Read?

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Use How Do I Teach This Kid To Read? will help you teach young readers on the autism spectrum essential reading skills. A teacher favorite!

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Many teachers of children on the autism spectrum ask this simple question-- How Do I Teach This Kid To Read? In this helpful book Kimberly A. Henry, a specialist with two decades of experience, explains how you can teach your students essential reading skills.

This book includes a large variety of activities and clear instructions for the student and educator. It will help your move your students past simple decoding and word memorization to help develop early literacy skills. The book is divided into four main sections that support phonemic awareness, building vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency. Each activity within a section includes an introduction that explains how and why the activity works along with needed support materials. 

A helpful CD with 48 ready to print PDF files will help you easily create word walls, flip-books and more. Lots of concrete examples and easy to follow instructions make this a great resource for teachers, resource rooms or for use at home. While you can use this book with any age student, the activities are designed for students kindergarten through third grade.