Gross Motor Skills Startup Set Gross Motor Skills Startup Set

Gross Motor Skills Startup Set

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Looking for a product that offers everything in one bag? The Motor Skills Universal Set provides balance beams, hoops, poles, bean bags, directional indicators and a user-guide full of activities in one handy carry bag.

The set provides everything needed to create a wide variety of:

  • Motor planning and coordination challenges,
  • Fine and gross motor skill games
  • Balance exercises
  • and more!

This set is a perfect set for therapists who work with several facilities. This set can be used with all ages and is great for indoor or outdoor play.

This set includes: 12 Half Bricks, 8 Bricks, 4 Hoops (14 inches), 4 Hoops (24 inches), 16 Poles (14 inches), 8 Poles (28 inches), 24 Clips, 10 Bean Bags, 4 piece Balance Beam, 6 pairs of Hand prints, 6 pairs of Footprints and 1 carrying bag.

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