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Specific Reading Skills Set

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The Specific Reading Skills Set will help you build essential reading skills for your students with special needs.

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If you need a high quality resource for teaching reading comprehension, this workbook set is a fantastic choice. The Specific Reading Skills set features nine workbooks full of high interest stories designed to build specific reading skills for older struggling students.

Each workbook focuses on one of the following topics: locating information, fact and opinion, making inferences, reading for details, finding the main idea, reading to understand, and comparing. Each workbook helps students build foundational critical thinking skills, paving the way to more advanced reading comprehension.

Each workbook is written for students with a third to fourth grade reading level. Workbooks feature individual lessons that include a reading passage, questions, and activities to help reinforce the lesson. Have students work through the exercises individually, in groups, or with an instructor.

This is perfect for inclusion settings, special education classrooms, or the resource room. Each workbook is designed with a 4-8 grade interest level.

Size: 8.5 x 11 x 1