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Skills-Based Reading - Set of 4

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Teach students vital reading comprehension skills with this helpful set! Covers concepts such as the main idea, cause and effect, and more!

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Do you need a fun, accessible new activity to teach your students reading and language skills? The Skill-Based Reading Set is a great choice. With the help of this extensive set, you won't have to spend time searching through stories and activities to find one that pinpoints the specific skills you need to include in your lesson plan- they are all right here!

These workbooks cover a wide range of vital reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Main idea, cause and effect, drawing conclusions, word analysis, inferences are all taught and reinforced in these books.

Each book contains intriguing stories that kids will enjoy, with activities to follow that are labeled according to the specific skill targeted. A quick reference chart is included which ties specific reading skills to their accompanying stories. Bring this set into your classroom to bring your students tons of effective reading activities! Each book is between 48 and 72 pages.