Fun Shape Sensory Cushion - Set of 6

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Bring a fun twist to the classic sitting cushion with the Fun Shape Sensory Cushion! This cushion provides soothing active seating with added appealing theming-- choose between four unique designs! Sit on a pretty flower, a fluttering butterfly, a sporty basketball, or a spooky monster. Each design features tactile raised nubs and ridges for tons of sensory feedback as the student sits.

Active seating is a great way for anxious or hyperactive students to calm down, relax, and focus. Wiggling on this sensory cushion provides a helpful energy outlet that students can use quietly and discreetly at home or in the classroom. Just as effective as a traditional wiggle seat, the Fun Shape Sensory Cushion is sure to bring added enjoyment to the home, classroom, or office.

Size: Approx. 13”

This set includes 6 cushions and 6 pumps.