Free Resources for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season



The holidays are a fun time that include traditions and visits from family. While this time can be lots of fun it can also bring extra stress. We have put together a few resources to help you have a happy and safe holiday season. Below are a few free items we hope will be helpful!

38 Tips for a Meltdown Free Holiday
The holidays are a fun time to visit with friends and family. Special decorations and traditions make it a festive time for everyone. Unfortunately, the holidays can also present challenges for individuals on the autism spectrum. However, with a little preparation, you can create a supportive environment that everyone will enjoy.

Things to Think About When Decorating for the Holidays
Decorations are a fun part of the holidays that most of us look forward. When we decorate it is important to keep the needs of all family members in mind.

Holiday Gift Guide
Buying a toy, gift, or Christmas present for a child or teen on the autism spectrum can be challenging. During the holidays we receive many calls asking our product specialists for gift advice. Based on these questions our product specialists have put together this helpful guide to help you choose the best gifts for kids, teens, and adults on the autism spectrum.

Penguin Token Board & Christmas Tree Token Board
Token boards are a great way to motivate positive behavior. They are an easy to understand system that rewards desired behaviors with tokens. Kids can be rewarded with a complete picture when they are done, or exchange the completed board for something they value. We have created a free downloadable three step penguin board and a five step Christmas board.

The iTalkDoc app is designed to help individuals with communication challenges communicate their health needs. Family members, doctors, or first responders can use it as a starting point to facilitate communication. It includes a downloadable healthcare board and several hard to find health related icons. It is available on both IOS App Store and Google Play Store (iPhone and Andrioid).

Covid19 Resources
Covid19 continues to be a challenge. Along with iTalkDoc we have several social stories, a handwashing chart, as well as a packet of downloadable visual supports that you can use to help your family stay safe. These resources were designed by our advisory board as a way to support our community during this difficult time.

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