COVID19 Free Resources


We are living in unusual times. To help you navigate the COVID19 pandemic National Autism Resources is offering some free resources for your home or classroom. Thank you to the therapists who helped us create them. We hope this will help you to stay safe and healthy.

iTalkDoc App
This free app created by National Autism Resources is designed to assist communication between first responders, and families with individuals who have difficulty verbally communicating their health needs(Click here to find out more.)

COVID 19 Visual Support Packet
This helpful packet contains a variety of visual supports. Some of the visuals include: using a tissue when coughing, 6 foot apart sign, first then charts, and a "Why the face mask?" social story. (Click here to download.)

I Can Have School At Home Sometimes Social Story (Click Here to Download)
This social story is designed to help a student who is struggling with having ‘school-at-home’ now.

I Can Use A Screen For School When I Am At Home! (Click Here to Download)
This social story is designed to help a student who is struggling with the aspect of coming to and using a video screen such as a tablet or computer to participate in ‘school-at-home’. 

I Can Wear a Mask Social Story
This free social story is design as a PDF download with simple images. Use it as a social story or coloring book. (Click here to download.)

Wash Your Hands Chart
This free how to wash your hands chart is PDF download with step by step images. You have your choice of color pictures or black and white. (Click here to download.)

Social Distancing Social Story
Learn how to practice social distancing and stay safe with Rosie the dog. This social story is designed for younger readers. (Click here to download.)

How to Wear Your Mask
Summer is here, and if you’re thinking of joining others for a summertime celebration, it’s best to stay outdoors. Wearing a mask can also help protect you and others, especially if you can’t physically distance from those not in your household. This video was created by Kaiser Permanente.