FLIPP the Switch 2.0: Strengthen Executive Function Skills

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Now updated with even more practical strategies for educators to help build executive functioning skills (EF). FLIPP the Switch is a practical book that will help you teach EF to the students you work with.  While this book is filled with practical ideas and strategies for educators, it is just as effective for parents or teens and adults who struggle with these skills.  It's written by Sheri Wilkinson and Carol Burmeister, educators with over 30 years of combined experience.  Wilkinson's experience with EF comes from the classroom and from personal experience supporting her son with EF challenges.

This book will help you FLIPP the switch by improving various skills-- flexibility, leveled emotionality, impulse control, planning, and problem solving.  Each chapter covers specific strategies with step by step directions how to implement it.  Helpful sample scenarios will show you how to implement the strategies in the home or classroom.  Reproducible templates make it easy for you to create visual supports and charts to support your student.