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Give your young students a new story every week of the school year with the Everyday Readers Curriculum!  This literacy curriculum features 36 stories designed to help you reach your IEP goals.  They also reinforce a variety of educational concepts including counting, health, and language skills.  Stories follow the seasons of the year but do not need to be read sequentially.  You can read them with one student, or in front of the whole class.

This curriculum is designed by a Speech and Language Pathologist to help reinforce academic concepts while building language and literacy skills.  Each story includes three IEP objectives, differentiated lessons, teacher scripts, three comprehension questions, and sample student pages with enlarged photos from the book that you can easily print out with the included CD-ROM.  Stories are from 6 to 10 pages and have an average of 25 words per page.

Each story features high quality, full color photographs making them perfect for reading to students ages 4-9.  The photographs are designed to reinforce the story line and highlight main characters to support student understanding.

This Introductory Kit includes all 36 stories in the Everyday Readers Books One and Two, a Teacher's Guide, and a CD-ROM with a classroom license for student handouts.

The Classroom Kit includes five sets of Everyday Readers Books, plus all other items in the Introductory Kit.

To see a sample of book one click here.

To see a sample of book two click here.

To see a sample of the teacher guide click here.