Everyday Life Reading & Writing

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Take your reading intervention program to the next level by also developing life skills. Many students need specific instruction with lots of practice in order to understand and interpret what they are reading. The Everyday-Life Reading & Writing series integrates life skills with reading and writing practice. Some of the tasks covered in the exercises include: reading instructions, bills, ads, schedules, websites, and emails. Writing activities include writing emails, online ads, filling out applications, and more. This resource is appropriate for students with a 3-5 grade reading level.

This excellent resource uses research based activities that meet Common Core State Standards. Both reproducible binders are organized by tab dividers, and include an answer key and a whiteboard-ready resource CD with printable PDFs. 

166 pages

Binder 1 Everyday-Life Categories Include:

  • Newspapers
  • Instructions
  • Schedules
  • Websites & Emails

Binder 2 Everyday-Life Categories Include:

  • Directories, Guides & Maps
  • Menus & Recipes
  • Labels & Packaging
  • Invoices, Bills, & Forms

CCSS Level: 3-5